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Selena Gomez Is Going Through Bipolar Disorder, Here’s What You Should Know

The pop star opens up about her disorder

Selena Gomez first opened a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

On Friday, the singer “Feel Me” appeared in the latest installment of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live series entitled “Bright Minded.”

During the 20-minute conversation, the discussion turned into mental health after Kyros asked Gomez how to deal with it during today’s crown pandemic.

Selena says she no longer terrified of the disorder

Gomez recently revealed that she had bipolar disorder while visiting a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, adding that the situation no longer frightens her.

“I’ve never been fully aware of the situation. When I have more information, it really helps me, and it doesn’t scare me when I know it.”

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as “manic depression,” is a serious mental health condition in which people experience significant mood swings with episodes of hyperactivity and depression.

1-2% of adults are believed to have bipolar disorder, although NHS figures show that most young people, aged between 16 and 34, are diagnosed with this condition.

Selena talked about her depression experience

During the discussion, Gomez explained that she felt that her education in Texas was difficult to talk about her feelings.

I feel like when I finally said what I was going to say, and I wanted to know everything about it. And I had to be afraid, said Selena.

Gomez has talked about her experiences with depression in the past but has never revealed bipolar diagnosis before.

In 2019, the rare singer said she was removing Instagram from her phone because it made her feel depressed.

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When asked how she manages to stay in touch with her 152 million followers on Instagram during an interview, Gomez said: “I’m used to it, but I think it’s really harmful to young people, including me, to spend all year. giving them all these comments and leaving these things inside. ”



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