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Shazam 2: Zachary Levi Is Very Much Excited To Start Work On The Sequel

Here is what we know about Shazam 2 by DC Universe!

We all know who Zachary Levi is, don’t we? He is the star of Shazam 2, who is now very excited to suit back up for the upcoming sequel of DC. The first installment of the movie came out a year ago and showed that the DC Universe was capable of lighter fare.

These sets of movies are centered around the popular comic books that have the character, Billy Batson, or you can say Shazam. The tale throes the spotlight on a boy who turns into a superhero. Levi plays this character. This movie turned out to be a success in both the critical and box office field.

After a successful debut of Shazam, the creators of the movie announced for a sequel!

This event led to the announcement of a sequel part for Shazam that was made in December of 2019. Well, even if this official confirmation was not put out, fans knew that Shazam is going to receive another part because the character had yet to meet his nemesis, Black Adam.

Well, it is to our luck that a Black Adam movie, along with Dwayne Johnson, is still in works and is scheduled to release before Shazam 2. This movie is going to serve as an origin story that will introduce all the audience to Black Adam on his own.

Here is what Zachary Levi thinks about this upcoming sequel!

This leads to the fact that Levi will not make an appearance as Shazam in that film, with the two of them instead of meeting at a later date only if Black Adam’s movie turns out to be a success.

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Recently, we had Levi weighing in on the final meeting of Shazam and Black Adam as he revealed that he hopes they get to pay off all of those Captain Marvel/Black Adam epic fights and plotlines from the comic books.

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