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Tom Holland Broke Up From His Girlfriend Olivia Bolton

The duo decided to be friends rather than a couple

Spider-Man starring Tom Holland “has been separated from his girlfriend since childhood Olivia Bolton”. The 23-year-old and his fiancée were considered hospitable last summer, but according to sources, the two realized that the sparks were not there. “Tom and Olivia are very close, but they recently decided that it is better to be friends than a couple,” the source said on Sunday. “Everything was very friendly and they both think it’s for the best.”

They were first papped at the British Summertime Festival

The two first appeared in public in July 2019, when they were spotted holding hands at the British Summertime Festival. And the heart would have been pounding with London-based Olivia – who works in digital production – for months after they met with their parents.

Tom has quarantined himself amid COVID-19 pandemic

“There were rumors that Tom was dating, so it was a great relief for him to finally be in public with Olivia. Meanwhile, the Marvel star has been isolated only during the coronavirus block but has even found a friend.

In a recent interview, Holland said he is “definitely a person in a relationship. I’m not a fleeting guy, it’s not my way of life”.

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