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YG Has A Theory On 5G And Coronavirus! And It Is Totally Unreliable

Is there a link between 5G networks and the spread of COVID-19?

The on-going COVID-19 episode has just killed thousands and left a lot more in medical clinics afterward. This has naturally made a great deal of frenzy and dread in the psyches of individuals over the globe. Be that as it may, some are managing these feelings of fear in the most exceedingly terrible manner conceivable.

For example, a few scoundrels in the United Kingdom who are going to ridiculous fear inspired notions have started focusing on 5G organizes the nation over. The BBC reports that in the course of the most recent couple of days, cell towers in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling in Merseyside have been set on fire, all trying to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

This theory gives us all the answers

The report proceeds to include that a video, purportedly of an episode in Aigburth, was additionally shared on YouTube and Facebook. The video asserted a connection between the cutting edge 5G innovation and the current COVID-19 event.

The ridiculous circumstance is taking steps to turn terrible and has even constrained the hand of the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, which has needed to Twitter to clarify that there is no trustworthy proof of a connection among 5G and coronavirus.


While numerous paranoid ideas are gliding on the web, with some, in any event, blaming the Russians for the spread, the most mainstream ones rotate around claims that COVID-19 began in Wuhan when the nation began to turn out 5G in the city.

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The infection is currently professed to spread different urban communities where the foundation is being set down for the cutting edge telecom innovation. Another hypothesis guarantees that the epidemic stifles the safe framework, and utilizations the system’s radio waves to convey and pick casualties.

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