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AJ And The Queen Season 2: What’s The Status If It’s Release, What Is The Story

Here are the details about the show, AJ and the Queen, that every fan needs to know!

As all the people who have watched the show, AJ and the Queen, know that is an original series created by the streaming giant Netflix. The show follows the adventures of Robert, also known as Drag Queen Ruby Red, along with his companion AJ.

AJ is an obnoxious child who is ten years in age with street smarts and a chip on her shoulder. The first season if AJ and the Queen landed on the streaming platform back on the 10th of January 2020, and as it was expected, the show ended on a dramatic cliffhanger.

Here we have the list of all the stars who are cast in AJ and the Queen!

This show has a whole band of colorful characters who are quite full. The entire lost of show members are;

Michael Leon Wooley is reprising the role of the best friend of Robert, his roommate.
A fellow drag Queen Louis, also known as, Cocoa Butter
Josh Segarra enacting the character of Hector who is Robert’s perfect boyfriend
Tia Carrere is playing the part of Lady Danger, partner of Hector in crime

Now all the fans have just one query swimming inside their brains, will RuPaul’s new show is going to return for another season or not?

Well, a show that has such a massive cast with each one leading a different storyline, it is highly expected to return for a season 2.

The show got a series order back in May of 2018, but we were told about the cast members who are going to get employed until September of 2018. But if we have a final confirmation about a second season of AJ and the Queen, it is most likely to release in early or maybe mid-2021.

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