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Ares Season 2 On Netflix? What Will Happen Next? Plot Details?

Here is what we know about the show, Ares, available on Netflix!

As all the fans of the miniseries, Ares are aware of the fact that the show was a surprise hit for the streaming giant Netflix. So, now the fans a query in their minds, are there any plans yet for a second season?

The show is a Dutch series and was filmed exclusively for the streaming platform, which put its spin on the famous dystopian secret society. This is a form of horror that has been used in several movies that have a recent release date—these types of the film include Midsommar and Suspiria. Well, there are other elements in the series that recall the various ideologies of Hannibal.

Here is what happened in season 1 of Ares!

In this show, the whole spotlight is thrown at Rosa, who is a student. She gets inducted into a secret society in Holland and then quickly learns about the supernatural element that is present in this exclusive club.

The show has eight episodes in all, with each episode being of approximately 30 minutes. In these episodes, Ares brings the violence, mystery, and drama that horrors fans love. And at the end, the series culminates in a shocking ending that involves the monster of the show and Rosa.

Will we ever have a second season of Ares or not?

The first season of Ares was given to us on the 17th of January 2020 in a typical Netflix fashion that is known to us, all eight episodes dropping at once. Well, till this point in time, there is no word on a release date for the second season of Ares. We know that Netflix tends to renew the hit series rather quickly.

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