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Birds Of Prey 2: Will The DC Movie Get A Sequel? Know Here.

Fans can never get enough of superhero movies and DC And Marvel studios never disappoint fans with back to back movies. While can’t seem to be some unconventional roles on the way including that of Harley Quinn, we are going to see her again in Suicide Squad as well.

Should Birds Of Prey Return For A Sequel? Here’s What We Know.

However, the question that lies within is whether fans are going to see a possible Birds of Prey sequel or not. The possibility of a sequel might look bleak at this point. One main reason being the poor box office collection compared to other DC superhero films.

While The DC Universe has some iconic villains of all times and some of their popularity is even more than the superheroes! However, as far as Birds Of Prey is concerned, a bizarre villain like Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask was not able to leave behind an impressive mark. While Mcgregor acting was truly great viewers found it more like a caricature than a threat. Fans can enjoy the behind the scenes video that the official Twitter account shared a while ago. Have a look.

The Film Pretty Much Tanked In Box Office Compared To Other Superhero Movies!

People loved the story of some kickass women and a great plot with humor and action, however, the film did not have much of a story in the first place. If noticed carefully it doesn’t take much to figure out that the plot is pretty much simple and relies mostly on Harley Quinn.

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While the studio has not yet announced any official plans regarding a possible sequel. The fact that other female characters we’re not given much space show that the film lacked characterization as well. Some fans might want to see a sequel and others might be waiting for Suicide Squad 2!

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