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Coronavirus Could Spread Much Farther Than 6 Feet In Air, Wear Mask In Public

6 Feet Contamination 

Air polluted with the COVID-19 virus might progress four times more distant than the 6 feet the CDC asks we distance ourselves, according to a recent study.

The study published in the Journal of the AMA discovered that under the right conditions, fluid droplets from sneezes, coughs and just exhaling can move more than 26 feet and linger in the air for minutes.

Findings such as these may have some manner on the CDC’s recommendation on Friday that Americans wear non-surgical face masks in public especially in places where other social distancing stratagems are hard to maintain.

How Sneeze Fluid Droplets Could Travel

A lot goes into how far the cloud and its droplets progress: a person’s anatomy, the environment, moisture, and temperature. The cloud can reach up to 26 feet for sniffles and less than that for coughs about 16 to 19 feet.

According to 2009 WHO report, when someone coughs, they can scatter up to 3,000 droplets. A sneeze could yield 40,000.

They Are smaller than a human hair

These droplets can be very small as small and intangible as the micron size to the ones that you can see that are on the order of the millimeter. A human hair is 60 to 120 microns thick.


Scientists don’t know how many virus-laden particles people affected with COVID-19 might discharge in the average droplet, including the micron-size droplets called aerosols that remain in the air.

Source: Yahoo

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