Father Under Major Duress Allegedly Killed His Young Daughter And Wife, Later Killed Himself

Police In Search For A Suspect Who Killed Two Kids And Injured One Man
Source: MyStateline.com

Three relatives in Mount Vernon, New York, are dead in an obvious homicide-suicide.

LoHud reports that police found the man, lady, and preteen girl dead of gunfire wounds at a home early Sunday morning.

Police believe it’s a murder-suicide case

An upstairs neighbour had heard yelling originating from the home, however, allegedly couldn’t translate what was being said. As per the report, the police accept the man executed his significant other and little girl before ending his own life.

The names of victims are not clear

Specialists have not yet discharged the names of the people in question, however, Michel Richard Sylvain recognized himself to LoHud as the sibling of the expired man, and said that he showed up at the scene yet that police would not give him access to the living arrangement. Sylvain said he had addressed the neighbour about what she had heard.

She was unable to comprehend what they’re discussing and she returned upstairs, the neighbour apparently told the sibling. It is muddled if police were called by a similar neighbour or another person.

The man who pulled the trigger was under duress

Mount Vernon is in Westchester County, which was the main territory in New York State to see a spike in network spread coronavirus cases. There is no sign the family was affected by the infection that causes COVID-19, however, Mayor Shawn Patterson-Howard purportedly said on her week by week show that the man who pulled the trigger was under significant coercion.


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