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How The X-Men Will Introduce In MCU Shows And Movies? Know Here

Last year, the main series of the drama X-Men movies that had been running since 2000 terminated with the critically and commercially underwhelming Dark Phoenix. Once The New Mutants arrives. ultimately, that will mark the official conclusion of the entire Fox X-Men franchise, as the studio is now under the Disney umbrella.

Now the plan is for the X-Men to be rebooted within the Marvel Cinematic Universe studio, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige establishing at San Diego Comic-Con last year that a movie about mutants is in the works. The MCU studio has a faith unfolded so far, beginning the X-Men will be a difficult effort, but there is another group of superpowered individuals that could be the key to introducing mutants the Eternals.

They have there owned movie coming out in November, and while the X-Men and Eternals are not closely manufactured in the comics, there are already opinions swimming about that the latter will be essential to setting up the former later this decade.

The Status Of Mutants In The MCU

The X-Men series has been possible to use in Marvel comics, inspired movies and video games for the aggregate of their existence, 20th Century Fox-owned the film rights to the casts for several decades. That meant that when the MCU studio founded in 2008, the X-Men already performed a big role in simplifying the superhero genre for the previous eight years, could not be included.

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