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Russian Doll: 3 Things We Want To See In Season 2

Here we have information on what Russian Dolls, a hit Netflix show is like!

Well, as all the fans of the hit show, Russian Doll, know that last year we all were taken by surprise when the show debuted for the first time on the streaming giant Netflix in February.

The show gave the vibes of another riff on Ground hound day that proved to be a quirky and heartfelt show that excels in the genre of comedy and drama all of its own.

What was season 1 of Russian Doll was all about and does it have a release date for a second season 2?

The show begins with the story if a woman who happened to be killed on her 36th birthday, but the series then quickly evolved into something that you can never think of and which is entirely different than what you expect.

Well, an official release date for the show has yet not been set up by the streaming platform, but we all know in our hearts that a second season is on its way. Well, there are not many details as to what we can expect in the second season, but we surely have three things we are hoping to see in the next installment.

Here we have three things that fans would love to see in the second season of Russian Dolls!

  1. To be honest, fans are going to be okay if the next season just consisted of Natasha Lyonne repeating different variations of the word ‘cockroach.’ Well, yeah, we accept for not an entire season, but it is something all the fans look forward to.
  2. Fans and critics think that one of the best and most interesting creative choices of Russian Doll is that the series has eventually teamed up with Nadia, who is 36 years in age and is a Jewish woman. She is anything but a perfect individual, and her path to independence is also not being guided by a male character. Thus people would love to see this kind of strong female character.
  3. To be very clear and transparent, we do not need to see Nadia actually code. But fans would love to see her put that part of her brain to some more use. Well, fans are very excited to witness Nadia’s coding skills.
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