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Tekashi 6ix9ine Says He Will Not Troll Any Celebrity After Early Prison Release.

It seems like after much controversy and time in prison rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has decided to be on his best behavior now that he is soon going to be a free man. Why did the rapper make such a sudden claim? Let’s find that out.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Has Taken A Wise Decision Now That He Is Soon Going To Be A Free Man!

Recently, it was reported that the young rapper has been granted an early prison break than expected. This might be due to the fearful outbreak of the COVID-19. Moreover, it is rumored that the rapper has decided to not partake in online trolling. Apart from this, he will wisely use social media.

Takashi is no stranger to inline trolling as he has indulged in it a couple of times earlier as well. Moreover, the rapper’s attorney Lance Lazzaro has claimed that his client has no social media restrictions while on the five years of supervised probation. However, still, he will not be practicing his old online habits. Take a look at the recent Instagram post made from his official account.

The Rapper Will Use Social Media Carefully And Only For Music Promotional Purposes!

The rapper’s probation officer will be keeping a close eye on Tekashi’s social media. So it is just a wise decision to not post anything inflammatory and will use discretion and common sense when he uses social media after his early release from prison.

After much cooperation with the authorities, the rapper could come put of the otherwise severe punishment. It is reported from a reliable source that the rapper will be on social media only to promote his music and spend quality time with his family after his long stay in prison. Fans also hope for a smashing hit music soon after the rapper is released.

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