Umbrella Academy Season 2, SPOILERS And Expectations From The Show

Umbrella Academy Season 2
Image Source-Seventeen Magazine

Everything about the show, Umbrella Academy, itself!

As all the subscribers of the streaming platform Netflix are well aware of the fact that the creators of it wait for a while to judge the success of the show before putting it out for renewal and our favorite Umbrella Academy makes no difference.

Even though it was clear how well the show had done in its first season, the streaming service provider has taken its time in announcing a season 2 for the show.

Is the show going to return for a second season or not?

Well, this was announced back in June of 2019 that there is going to be a follow-up season, and fans were more than happy. And when in July the filming process started, we had Ellen posting a couple of pictures on Instagram that reveal returning character and other potential storylines.

Here we have the early spoilers about what you can see in the second installment of the show!

Ellen was beside Klaus Hargreeves (The character of Robert Sheehan) while the second picture had her beside her on-screen brother Allison (The role of Emmy Raver Lampman) along with Luther Hargreeves (The character of Tom Hopper)

Well, this picture suggests that Number Five (The part of Aidan Gallagher) is very much scheduled to return to Umbrella Academy alongside his sibling after it was announced about the production of news on his own Instagram handle. Some fans were quite desperate to witness Ben Hargreeves as a child, just before he died. We, this could mean we are going to see Luther and Allison reuniting after they got split apart.


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