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Warning!!! NASA Claims A Giant Asteroid Would Come Very Close To Earth In April

According to the recent reports, the giant asteroid named 1998 OR2 which is visible through our telescope is expected to travel near the Earth on April 29th and can be identified as a potential threat to the planet due to its close proximity.

This large asteroid which is a possible disastrous is reported a couple of weeks away from the passing near Earth. Astronomers can view the existence and occurrence online or via a small telescope which is used by the space agency so far. Further, the expert’s estimate that the space rock which is approaching our planet is about 1.1 miles and 2.5 miles wide.

The astronomers added that though the asteroid is large enough to cause significant damage to our planet, it is estimated roughly to be a sizeable distance which is quite far away from its near encounter on April 29th.

This cosmic rock will be on its way towards Earth at around 5.56 AM EDT. The space agency scientists have shared on Twitter the celestial body which is about 3.9 million miles away from the Earth. Further, they added that this asteroid will be flying several times the average distance between the Earth and the moon.

The space rock is classified as potentially hazardous due to its vast size and they claim that there are no real threats due to this celestial body to our planet. Space Twitted that the orbit we are living in has been well understood and the space rock will pass harmlessly at 16 times the distance to our moon.

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