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Air Force Officer Who Accused NASA’s Astronaut’s Wife Charged For Making False Accusations

The Justice Department announced that a former Air Force intelligent officer who has recently accused NASA’s astronaut wife of hacking her bank account from space has been charged with double the count of making false statements to the federal authorities.

Further, the Houston federal grand returned the count indictment against Summer Worden. Last year, Worden who is 44, has accused her estranged wife, Anne Mcclain, of being accessing her bank account from aboard the ISS.

She filed a complaint with the federal trade commission and later lodged the allegation against McClain in an interview with NASA’s officer.

Worden claimed that she opened a new account during September 2018 and had reset her credentials in order to prevent McClain from accessing her accounts. Whereas according to the bank details, the indictment against her shows that she opened the account in April 2018 and there are no traces that she changed her login credentials until January 2019.

According to the Justice Department, Worden is expected to be in the court on April 13th and further, she faces up to five years in prison upon each count and a possible fine of $250,000 maximum.

She further claimed that she accidentally gave investigators the wrong details of the date of the bank account opening and later corrected the information.

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