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Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Reveals Some Delayed Movies Can Release On Disney+.

While we all are pretty much sulking in this house arrest situation, there might be a silver lining water all. Recently, Disney made an exciting announcement and fans are just keeping their fingers crossed! Let us find out why!

Disney May Send More Unreleased Movies Straight To Disney+!

Recently, the Former Disney CEO Bob Iger says that the studio may send some of its delayed movies straight to their streaming channel Disney+. The streaming service has done the same thing with Artemis Fowl as well. If you haven’t already seen the movie watch it on the streaming service. Here’s the trailer to get a glimpse of what’s ahead!

This decision is made considering the recent turn of events where almost all the studios and production houses are forced to push the release dates to almost all their big-budget films. Disney here is no exception. Disney has also pushed the release date of the live-action movie Mulan and Black Widow as well. These films might be soon available on Disney +.

Disney + Has Already Garnered Hige Fanbase With More Subscribers With Time!

As with Artemis Fowl, it is indeed the very first time that Disney had decided to cancel the theatrical run for one of its movies and make it a Disney+ exclusive project. The decision was made keeping the current situation in mind.

Another reason can be the fact the after people are in a quarantined phase the subscription rate of Disney+ has actually increased. Disney might be using this opportunity to attract more subscribers and what is better than releasing new minors on Disney+! While Iger has not mentioned any specific names, we might get to see Mulan soon enough on the streaming service. For.more updates we can tune in to Disney+ right now!  For now, you can watch Artemis Fowl on the starting service.

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