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Friends Reunion Special: Filming For HBO Max’s Special Episode Will Start Next Year

As all the fans of the trendy sitcom FRIENDS know that the cast of this show has waited for 16 years to reunite with each other for a TV special. Well, they will have to wait a little longer because, as of now, the filming of the untitled and unscripted FRIENDS reunion special for HBO Max has been postponed until next year.

Here we have the updates about the special FRIENDS reunion that ‘was’ going to happen soon!

Well, this famous cast was expected to film this HBO Max Special last month on the 23d and 24th of March, but bosses were forced to cancel the shooting session because of the current world scenarios and the outbreak of the fatal Corona Virus.

Well, producers, along with the fans, were hopeful that filming would start taking place in May, which meant that the show could still premiere on its original scheduled date that will happen in the same month.

Because of the Corona Virus, the reunion might be postponed until 2021!

But as per the current news, The Sun Online has now revealed that the reunion is not going to happen until 2021 because this pandemic remains a priority concern, and the cast members have packed schedules for the rest of the year.

An insider has revealed that it looks like the reunion might have to be scheduled for next year now.

If the world does not cope up with this, the FRIENDS reunion is impossible in May!

The same insider told me that it was severe enough getting everyone on board for filming in March, and it will be incredibly hard to get them all together at the same time again.

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They say that if the coronavirus restrictions continue until May and June, which is very likely at this point. Thus there is no choice but to postpone until next year.

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