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Huge FIREBALL Exploded Above Northern Europe, Video Inside

Huge fireball has been spotted in the sky over Northern Europe and this can be seen from the UK all the way to Germany. The event was captured on video with some claiming that it looked like it was going to strike.

The International Meteor Organization has recently received more than 450 reports of a fireball blast in the skies that is seen above the German-Dutch border as a meteor plowed into Earth’s atmosphere.

This meteor was captured on camera, courtesy of dash-cam footage. The video which has been uploaded by the American Meteor Society showed a bright streak of light that gives a perspective of falling from the sky and before a blast it was found reaching the end of its tether.

Additionally, the IMO mentioned on the website that on Saturday evening, a spectacular fireball was witnessed by hundreds of people and captured by numerous cameras.

The reports were received from many places including Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, Denmark and France and the time was found to be around 21.44 UT.

While one person reported in the mail that he had seen shooting stars and was completely different which none of them has seen before. There was a red-orange color with the sparkly tail and it appeared like it has entered the atmosphere and exited it and he further added that it was in the angle like it was about to strike the Earth but immediately got disappeared.

The asteroids and meteors will produce an explosion of fire when they hit Earth’s atmosphere as this would be the first time that the rock has met with the resistance.

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