Insecure Season 4 Is Releasing Soon On HBO, Here’s What Fans Can Expect From It

Insecure Season 4
Source: Parade

Just being able to live life. It just felt good and it felt fun again, Issa Rae, the 35-year-old artist tells the sources while promoting the upcoming Season 4 beginning, which airs April 12 on HBO channel.


Releasing Date

After what felt like an afterlife, The channel HBO finally announced Insecure Season 4 is scheduled to release on Sunday, April 12. Back in April 2019, the HBO channel programming the chief Casey Bloys revealed to Vulture that the show was not developing its typical yearly release schedule Season 1 got debuted in October 2016, 2 in July 2017, and 3 in August 2018 for the upcoming season because the artist Issa became a big movie player, with lead roles in films like The Photograph opposite to Lakeith Stanfield and the forthcoming The Lovebirds opposite to Kumail Nanjiani. While you may have to wait a little longer than usual, don’t worry too much.


Back in September 2018, the player Issa Rae announced the HBO series would be back for a fourth season. While Issa Rae once joked that she would cancel the show if she found out Melania Trump watched it a comment she made to Glamour in 2018 when explaining what it was like to talk to Michelle Obama about Insecure it is, in fact, coming back. Whether the current First Lady will continue tuning in, as her Director of Communications claims she does, remains to be seen, but it looks like Issa Rae could not care less.


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