Liam Hemsworth Reveals Exercise Helped Him After Separating From Ex-Wife Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth
Source: StyleCaster

The artist Liam Hemsworth reveals he will spend the last six-months ‘rebuilding’, following the breakdown of his marriage to ex Miley Cyrus. Liam Hemsworth was associated with Dynasty star Maddison Brown and is now dating model Gabriella Brooks, but he is recognized exercise for keeping him ‘level-headed’ in the months that followed his marriage separation.

Liam Hemsworth Announces That He Started Training 

The actor admitted that he did undertake some dimensions in the aftermath of the divorce. Liam Hemsworth said that he did spend the last six-months ‘rebuilding’, right after the breakdown of his marriage to ex Miley Cyrus. The actor further said that the exercise has largely helped him to stay balanced and to keep her head level during a tough time.

The couple announced the divorce only after eight months of being married together, The actress Miley Cyrus shortly started dating Kaitlynn Carter. However, soon there was trouble in heaven and they broke up pretty shortly as well.

Quits After Eight Months Of Marriage

Soon enough even Liam Hemsworth found live with model Gabrielle Brooks. The two are going quite strong and are often recognized spending time with family over lunch dates. Miley Cyrus has also been going strong with Cody Simpson for quite a while now. While both are back on tracks after their patent heartbreaks, both look happy. Cody Simpson has even spent the last holidays with the Miley Cyrus family while Brooks has joined Lima Hemsworth on family brunches. So everything is back to normal it looks.


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