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Melissa Etheridge Opened Up About The Reunion Of Ex-Couple Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston, Here’s What She Said

Well, we all watched the show, Watch What Happens Life, a show that is hosted by Andy Cohen which is back on and last night’s episode surely delivered the fans with some sweet and juicy content about actress Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Here we have the news about Melissa Etheridge, who revealed her thoughts about the relationship of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt!

While she was playing a game of Iso-Lay It On Us, Melissa, who is 58 years in age, was asked by a fan about her views regarding the hysteria over the pair’s reunion that happened earlier this year.

Well, Melissa quickly laughed it off and told Andy, as well as the viewers at home, about how she was not hoping that anyone would bring this subject of the ex-couple up.

Melissa said that the two looked very beautiful together and those were the glorious days!

Etheridge said that she was hoping she could do his show without mentioning whose name will not be mentioned. Then Melissa gave in and told the people that she loved Jennifer and Brad together, and they were beautiful. She believes that they always remain, friends, because they are two extraordinary people that can get through anything and she just hopes that their friendship lasts long. Melissa said, of course, those were the glory days, and she remembers those very well.

Well, Melissa says that she is one of the many people who still have so much hope in store for this former couple which aroused especially after their infamous run-in at the SAG Awards back in January.

Melissa is one of the people who believe in the reunion of Brad and Jennifer!

If you can not recall, the pair held hands in the cosy pictures before they were cheering one another on as they won in their respective categories. Jennifer was even nominated for her TV role in the series, The Morning Show.

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