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Money Heist 4: Here’s Every Major Twist And Thrilling Ending Explained For The Fans

The love and immense craze have seen for Netflix originals ‘Money Heist’ had not been seen for any other web series. The crime drama series had already released its fourth season and the delighted fans without wasting any time stuck to their screens and even completed watching the season as well.

What Happened In Season 4; Who Killed Whom?

So all the viewers know the plot, so here we bring to you explanation to various twists and the thrilling ending the fourth installment had which had made fans more curious and want for the fifth season soon.

The first episode begins from where the last season episode was concluded. The fans have shared their theories that the makers have followed a certain pattern of odd-even. In which the odd series contains only drama and suspense while the even series contain full-on action.

Nairobi’s Tragic Death And Professor Held On Gunpoint By Alicia

Also, we witnessed Nairobi’s death which means that the story would now shift its focus towards Tokyo who would tell his part of the story while being in prison. In the end, it turned out that Alicia Sierra pointed her gun towards the professor which is definitely confusing and we can only wait for it to explore in the next season.

Also, it is expected that Berlin would be alive and his wife would be Alicia of the heist only. The makers keep the best of the story to be shown at the end which makes it more interesting to watch. There was more of politics going on instead of the drama.

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With only five episodes released for the fourth season, the fans have been left sad because a lot of suspense had been left with the last episode. And fans can’t keep calm to binge-watch the remaining episodes as it was the best thing to be done during the quarantine.

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