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NASA Gives Details On How To Witness 2020’s Super Pink Moon

From recent reports of NASA, they announced that tonight the moon will be brightest and largest for the whole year and named as the super pink moon. This event which comes rarely is surely not to miss one.

The assistant director of NASA anticipated that skywatching event to get a better idea of what to expect and what are the ways that people can observe this best special supermoon.

They further added that it’s just a kind of astronomically fun thing or the full moon that appears bigger than usual and this occurs because our moon doesn’t orbit in the perfect circle around our planet.

Rather, it circles in an elliptical-shaped orbit and this means there are chances that moon comes closer to the Earth and sometimes it goes farther away leading it to appear bigger or smaller from our Earth’s perspective.

Scientists from NASA revealed that tonight our moon is 17,000 miles closer than it actually be and adding that it not only look bigger in the sky but also appears 30% brighter than the average full moon. Luckily, as the moon appears bright and obvious in the sky and thus we find it easy and simple to observe this rare event.

The news is good for self-isolated people to flatten the curve of the spread of pandemic outbreak due to the coronavirus and even if you are inside, there are chances that you can still view the super moon from your window.

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