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Netflix’s Ozark Season 4: What’s The Update On Its Renewal And Release Date?

Ozark. The Dark Crime Drama Show has just released its third season on Netflix and fans are excited about the next one. The show revolves around a financial adviser Marty Byrde, who suddenly has to move with his family to Missouri in the Lake Ozark region when a money-laundering order fails.

To do it well and save his family, he had to do some bad deeds. How can Marty Byrde get dirty? Well, the answer may be beyond your imagination. What does he have next season for him?

Has The Show Been Renewed For the Fourth Season?

Given that the third season was recently released on March 27, we don’t expect Netflix to announce it soon. Overall, Netflix takes about a month or two to extend the show for the coming season. So Ozark season 4 could also be announced around May 2020.

The show has a high probability of being renewed as it has always been perceived as a five-season show, said Chris Mundy. If everything goes according to plan, there will be not only the fourth but also the fifth season. However, it has not been confirmed, there may also be more than five. In addition, the producers also plan an emotional end.

When Will The Show Release?

Since it hasn’t even been renewed, it’s difficult to predict a release date. Given the circumstances, the worldwide closure and the normal production times of the show. We can expect a mid or late 2021 release for the fourth season.

The first season was released in June 2017. The second one followed in August 2018 and recently the third in March 2020. Due to the trends, a publication in mid or late 2021 seems reasonable.

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