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UFO Spotted!!! A UFO Seen Flying Directly Into Mexico’s Volcano

For several decades, aliens and unidentified flying objects or UFOs have remained a mystery. Recently there were reports by alien enthusiast believes in spotting a UFO that is flying into one of Mexico’s largest volcanoes.

They further reported that the enthusiasts noticed an unusual white object which is heading towards the mouth of Popocatepetl volcano which is near Mexico City. The cameras that were kept for volcano monitoring has recorded the incident.

The footage was made available online for the viewers and these alien hunters were quick to analyze and claim further that extraterrestrials were using these volcanos known as El Popo considered as a base of the alien.

According to the conspiracy described by Scott Warning, what was transpiring in the footage is considered as the absolute proof that the UFO researchers already knew about it and there is an alien base which measures around 5-6 kilometers below this volcano.

Further Warning reported that the entire alien race might be living inside the volcano. The claim was previously done by the enthusiast that the volcano was home to aliens from the video which was taken last year. This also showed that the bright light seemingly goes up the side of the volcano before it gets vanished.

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