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Vampire Diaries: Will There Be Season 9 For Us Or It Has Canceled

Ever since the show was launched way back in 2009, the fans are in awe of the teen drama web series. The makers had already released eight seasons( the eight seasons was released in 2016) and fans are upset since then as they want more of it. So can we expect season 9 of The Vampire Diaries or is this the end?

Can We Expect The Renewal Of Vampire Diaries

Here we bring to you all the updates about the same. The show had remained one of the most-watched and loved shows which is set in the fictional world of Mystic Falls. It is a love triangle between a high school girl and two brothers who are vampires. Sounds interesting!

Plot Of Vampire Diaries

Soon the girl named Elena falls for the kind-hearted vampire, Stephan and they both start showing feelings towards each other. But this is not enough! The other brother, Damon gets attracted to Elena as she is a lookalike of her former lover and wants to make his love. The Mystic Falls in Virginia is a place where many supernatural activities take place.

Source: The Buzz Paper

How both the brothers unite despite their differences to protect Elena from the threats is the whole backdrop of the series. The makers of the show have already announced after the eight installments were released that it is the finale season.

Hence, the show remains canceled until now. Being an official announcement, we won’t be able to see any upcoming episodes of the favorite supernatural series. But the fans need not be disappointed as the makers have even launched not one but two spin-offs of The Vampire Diaries, ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies’ to binge-watch.

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