Why SEO Techniques are Keys for a Change?


We all know SEO is vital for the success of any online business. But for most people, SEO and its ever-changing profile are beyond comprehension. Then, there are limits to SEO techniques that one can employ to optimize their online presence and search results. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the advanced SEO methods.

Advanced SEO is a set of methods that require expert knowledge. It typically makes use of advanced technical concepts and involves a deeper understanding of how Google’s algorithm works. However, it is not difficult to develop expertise in advanced SEO concepts with study and practice.

Here, we are going to make a list of new concepts that are fuelling the use of advanced SEO.

Artificial intelligence

In the last 5 years, artificial intelligence has emerged as a new driver of SEO evolution and growth.

In 2015, Google introduced RankBrain. It is a search algorithm that’s completely machine-based and produces more relevant search results. After 5 years, we are on the cusp of discovering how artificial intelligence is going to dominate SEO in the near future. The growing significance of artificial learning has got a boost from BERT (Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding). BERT is a natural language processor based on a neural network technique. It’s of great significance because this utilizes an algorithm that is very fundamental and focuses on how people search. Google terms this algorithm the biggest leap in the last 5 years and the biggest in the history of SEO and search.

At the moment, BERT helps Google in every 10 searches by telling the individual context of the worlds in the search text. The most important thing about BERT and RankBrain is that it bypasses all SEO methods. It makes the good content a basic requirement, a fundamental necessity, a cornerstone for SEO.

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Voice Search

When it was launched in 2012, voice search seemed to have a bleak future. By 2020, it’s a fairly well-known technology increasingly being adopted by webmasters for optimizing their websites. In the future, it will be a part of schema.org markup. On-page markup assists search engines to understand the content better on a web page. It helps give more accurate and enriched search results. Voice search is still slower in adoption but it has become a preferred method of search for many. So, it is not possible to completely ignore the voice search.


If you are someone in the US, you know Google Assistant uses Speakable (BETA) to answer the queries of the people. The assistant returns a maximum of 3 most relevant articles along with providing audio playback that becomes possible thanks to the text-to-speech mark. Making use of this kind of markup on news sites can be extremely valuable. In this case, the assistant along with giving the answer also sends the article URL and the source to the user’s device.

Final thoughts

As we can see Google has been creating and implementing new technologies to make its search richer, more relevant, and more valuable to the users. Keeping pace with these new technologies will be imperative for anybody looking to improve SEO. More than ever, SEO is a more exciting field because of the challenges that new technologies have introduced.


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