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18-Year-Old Jailed For Brutally Hitting And Killing A Skateboarder In A Parking Lot

An 18-year-old Washington state man has been imprisoned on a subsequent degree murder accusation for crashing into a skateboarder in a parking garage and slaughtering him.

Vancouver police discovered

William Miller, 45, stuck underneath Joshua Jones’ vehicle on Wednesday as observers attempted to free him with a vehicle jack, The Columbian detailed.

Fire and salvage teams, in the end, liberated him and moved him to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, where he passed on, the local group of fire-fighters said.

Jones advised police he hadn’t proposed to hit Miller, just to “alarm him.” Jones said he was slicing through the parking area to keep away from traffic lights in the city and that Miller struck his window as he passed.

Joshua conceded that he was not in dread of being harmed or attacked by William, the capture affirmation said. Joshua rather expressed that he felt irate that William struck his window.

As per the affidavit statement

Jones said that he turned his vehicle around and headed toward Miller to “alarm him,” meaning to turn away at last. However, when he turned, Miller bounced a similar way, and he hit the skateboarder, hauling him underneath his Hyundai.

According to a witness

Observers to the occurrence told police that Jones was driving forcefully and appeared to purposefully strike Miller in the wake of making a U-turn.


At court on Thursday, examiners requested $1 million bails, however, Jones’ lawyer contended for a lesser sum, and Judge Jennifer Snider settled at $100,000. His arraignment is planned for May 11.

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