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6 Ways to Prevent Your Videos from Getting Corrupt

Videos are essentially memories. Whether you are shooting your trip to the mountains or capturing your newborn daughter’s first words- you are somehow connected to the videos. And, nothing can be more heart-breaking than these memories getting corrupted!

MP4 is the most commonly used video format all around the globe. Though the video files appear simple, they are not. Video files have quite complex internal architecture. The different media elements, namely pictures, audio, and subtitles have to be integrated into a single file. The delicate structure of the MP4s is what makes them more liable to corruption.

How to Prevent Video File Corruption

There are some simple ways by which you can considerably minimize your chances of acquiring a broken file. Sure, it is not very difficult to uncorrupt a video, by why to get in the mess when you can avoid it!

  1.   Memory cards and transfer cables must be ejected safely

People often hastily pull off the memory cards and transfer cables from their computers. Let me tell you, this is a very bad practice and this simple mistake can land you up with a damaged MP4.

Make sure when you eject the card or the cable, none of its files are being played or transferred on your computer.

  1.   Beware of Malware attacks

If you are not one of those who keep their anti-virus software up-to-date, you may regret it later. A virus or malware hiding in your computer can severely damage all your files.

Antivirus software will regularly keep a check on your device and you will get to know about any malicious activities as soon as they take place. The corruption issues are best handled in the early stages.

  1.   Keep a track of bad sectors

Our computer splits our files into several smaller parts and stores them all over the hard disk. This effective use of memory space becomes problematic if you have even a single bad sector on your hard disk. The whole file stored would get corrupt.

To avoid getting into the MP4 Kernel video repair process because of a bad hard disk sector, you must regularly format your hard disk. Every once in a while, take a backup and clear all contents. Your hard disk will be as good as new.

  1.   Avoid recording video’s when the camera is about to drain

Using a camera when the battery is about to die is not a good habit. You will regret later when you will find yourself looking up ways to fix corrupted MP4 files.

Always carry a spare battery when you know you will be shooting for long hours.

  1.   Never go for unreliable media applications

Many people assume that every application can go with every kind of file. To tell you the truth, that’s hardly the case. Every media application supports a particular set of file formats.

If you forcefully try to pass your video through an application that isn’t compatible with your file, you run a high risk of corrupting it. The next time you use a file convertor make sure it is a popular one which is sure to support your file.

  1.   Shut down your device properly

There must be some solid reason why every operating system comes with a shutdown button. When you don’t turn off your machine properly you may land up with video files that won’t play.

You must develop a habit to close all running apps and files before safely shutting down the computer. This is not just important for your videos, but for your overall computer system as well.

How to fix corrupted video files MP4

Repairing MP4 files used to take weeks in the past. But in the 21st century, it is just a matter of a few clicks. 

Repair MP4 file using a digital repair tool

This is the easiest MP4 repair method and it takes just a few minutes once you have found a suitable software. This can be a confusing job when you have to find the best out of the hundreds available in the market.

To ease your problems, we present to you the Wondershare digital video repair mac tool. This tool is compatible with both the Windows and MacOS environments. Once you get hold of this MP4 fix method, you don’t have to worry about any video playback issue in the future.

Wondershare provides the advanced repair mode to fix MP4 files that are heavily damaged. Once you get hold of this software, your perfect video is just a few clicks away.

Repair corrupt MP4 files using VLC media player

VLC media player is one of the most used open-source platforms for playing videos. VLC also has a hidden talent. It has an automated repairing system which is capable of repairing all AVI files.

Even if you wish to repair MP4 files, no worries! VLC also allows you to convert your videos to .AVI format. Irrespective of the cause of corruption, VLC is well known to fix corrupt MP4 files.

If your broken video is still eating up your head, you may want to refer to repair corrupted MP4 files.

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