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Money Heist Season 5: Why Alicia Could Be A Part Of Gang?

Netflix part 4 of Money Heist has finally been released and we have so many thoughts. Today, we are here to discuss this end that Alex Pena has left us until the inevitable part 5 comes out.

While most of the gang make it live outside the Bank of Spain, and the group meets with Raquel, it seems that the series will end on a happy note. But this is the money robbery we’re talking about here. Of course, the tragedy is about to happen.

Part 4 of Netflix’s 'Money Heist' is finally out in the world, and we have so many thoughts. Here's why we believe Inspectora Alicia will join the crew!

While the teacher celebrates the success of the gang in his warehouse, we see a mysterious figure with a gun in the background. The professor also observes and we quickly understand that Alicia has found the professor’s hiding place. He holds it in his arms as soon as the episode is over.

So, with enough time, until we find out what’s going on in the stalemate between the teacher and Alicia, the theories are on fire. Our theory? Alicia will follow Raquel’s lead and change teams. However, there is evidence to support this

Alicia is a relaxed cannon

While “antihero” is surely the best term, Alicia couldn’t care less about what’s morally right and wrong. What matters is what is right in this particular situation. Since this is the teacher’s whole argument every time he creates these robberies, he is morally compatible with the rest of the team.

Nobody can be forgiven

Technically, Alicia didn’t kill Nairobi, she seriously injured her. Do we not remember that Tokyo beat a bitch from Raquel when he comes to Thailand for the first time, but then did the two overcome their problems? The same could happen to Alicia, although she will not have the protection of the teacher’s love.

Alicia is no longer in the police force

After all that has happened, Alicia has been fired not only by chance but also by the entire department as a whole. He has tied his ends with his work and has to find something else to do. Also, what better way to take revenge on the people who are approaching you by collaborating with their enemies?

A girl with an intelligent mouth and quick thinking ability

We need a replacement woman for Nairobi. Clearly, after seeing the way he flirts with the teacher without problems, it is clear that he can be an intelligent donkey when needed. But she’s also good at thinking about her legs, getting out of any hole she ends up in. Is it good to certify money?

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