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Brad Pitt And Alia Shawkat: Is There Something Fishy Between The Two?

If there is one thing which we can say for sure about the internet, that you don’t have to do something for being labeled something, the Internet is the judge and the jury. Recently 31year old Alia Shawkat was spotted with Brad Pitt, 56. And then it took no time for the Internet to come down to the conclusion. Once something starts on the internet, you don’t have the control over it and it holds even for those who have planted the idea. There is no chance that you can take it back, it’s an uncontrolled and irreversible reaction. Although the possibility is there and many rumors have surfaced since the time Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorced. 

There is confirmed news from the sources that they are only good friends and admire each other’s choice. So this is what good friends also do, but does that imply that they are in a relationship or for that matter even seeing each other. No a  big NO. They appreciate each other’s choice in a matter of arts, music, and other aspects of life and this is the reason why they like to hangout. This must have been the case for many of us but when it comes to celebs, we end up overthinking and always feel something over the top must be going around. If we trust the online news sources, Brad Pitt laughed at the rumors. 

It has been a while when they are together and loves to hang out at each other’s place. This started in the year 2019, while they were appearing for a comedy show and since then they have been spotted at many events. The next time they appeared together was at an art gallery. 

What keeps Brad Pitt And Alia Shawkat close?

The most appealing thing in anyone is a similar interest when you think of getting close to someone. So this indeed is the most crucial factor which brought them close and since they have been spotted at several places, the rumors got more intensified. Brad Pitt has more reasons to be with her as they have a hell lot in common. Their interest in art is one of the most crucial things which triggered their friendship. 

Brad Pitt is also said to be an admirer of Alia Shawkat’s work. He likes  Alia Shawkat’s work and always draw inspiration from her fluidic and flawless acting skills. He is a great admirer of her arts too and always keep a close watch on her arts. Now Brad Pitt is said to have been spending a lot of time in her art gallery. He is truly invested in her arts. So if we club all this together, it may seem to be a relationship but it isn’t. Had anything been going on like this, we would have more instances to prove this. So as of now, we shouldn’t make a mountain of mole. For more details on this story keep watching this space.

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