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Unreal Engine 5-The Next Generation Of Gaming

Nowadays Technical demonstrations are always fun, they’re a fortune to experience on how new technologies at work for new arrivals to come, and recently Epic revealed their new version of Unreal Engine with a real-time gameplay demo on the PlayStation 5.

Lumen And Nanite

Unreal Engine 5 includes a bunch of next-gen graphical features like dynamic global illumination called, Lumen and virtualized geometry called Nanite.


So we’ve already witnessed real next-gen graphics can look like. However, Unreal Engine 5 seems to finally step it up with some mesmerizing effects running in real-time.

60 FPS A Bigger Target

It is quite natural that quality comprises performance and this is what exactly shown here. Xbox Developers already confirmed the fact that they are not keeping up their word to provide standard 60 FPS in the game.

Games Which Could Get An Upgrade

Most of the Battle Royale Segments are likely to updated with Unreal Engine 5 next year. Likes of Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground are on the list to get an upgrade. More games like Borderlands 3, Gears 5, and many more could be updated with Unreal Engine 5.

So the future already arrives with lots of expectations next year as this year regarded as much more of a lockdown and battling with the pandemic. So we hope next year will be much better as for both technical strength in terms of progress at a very large scale.

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