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Why Making GTA 5 Available For Free Could Be Backfired?

Gamers population is so happy with Epic Games Store for its bold move to provide games for free of cost. It doesn’t matter if the game is old or not, But a game like GTA 5 available for free is none less than hitting a jackpot.

GTA 5 Available For Free

Epic games shook the whole gaming world and tore it apart by just making GTA 5 available for free. We are saying this because, when the game could be grabbed without losing your pocket, the Epic Store itself faces many complications regarding its functionality. It keeps on crashing and users face so many problems while playing other games too. So this move didn’t much of a gain to some gamers.

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Why It’s Worst Decision Ever?

GTA Online is common among multiplayer and it’s widely practiced among the gaming population. Now the no of Hackers will get boom and there will be a sudden rise of malpractice in the games. Moreover, the cheaters never get caught easily and get away with it sometimes.

So now it’s difficult for those who already settled in the game with their hard work and long hours of gaming.


GTA 5 has also a cross-platform feature which makes console gamers more vulnerable and they can be targetted easily.

So now it is evident that  Quarantine made so many decisions that are totally against the sake of safe gaming.  GTA 5 is still available for a reasonable price at the stores and now it suddenly falls down for nothing. So if you are planning to grab a copy, then hurry as the sale will end on May, 21.

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