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X Men Spin-Off ‘The New Mutants’ When Will It Arrive On The Screens?

So the new version of X Men in the form of a spinoff is all set to be released but this time horror is going to get the biggest pie of the cake. This is something that will keep the fans on their toes as it is one of the most anticipated movies and it will be releasing on 26th August 2020. As usual, it was also slated for an early release but then came the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has disturbed the whole world and the entertainment industry is one of them and it has made a bigger dent than anything else.

Release Date

Now Disney has clarified that they have chosen a safe date and it has been deferred from its spring release to the new dates in August 2020. The movie is an adaptation of from the comic with the same title and now we have the first-ever spinoff. So fans are overtly interesting to get the details on the movies. There has been a hell lot of speculations which the movie has to face. Of late many movies and series have had an early release and fans were expecting something similar.

Unfortunately, the producers choose to take a different approach with the movie and now we confirm that a theatrical release is slated to happen. There are many movies that were released before their stipulated date. Fans were expecting the same and in many cases, the producers took a new approach and opted for an early release on OTT platforms. The fans were expecting the same from X-men spinoff too. There is a substantial reason for this as Frozen2 from Disney got an online release instead of waiting for a theatrical release. So this was expected from X Men spinoff too. 

There is a substantial change this time and film producers are closely assessing the pros and cons of releasing movies on OTT platforms. This has happened this time due to compulsions but this can be the new way of watching movies in the years to come. Now social distancing norms are going to be more regular than ever before. But there are some contentions to it and that has to be resolved before making a shift. Recently AMC and Universal had confronted each other. AMC choose to not show Universal movies. Universal’s attempt to release movies online was met with harsh criticism from theatre owners. 

So this has to be resolved and both of them have to walk a common road so that these confrontations could be avoided. This is something that is going to jeopardize the interest of all the stakeholders involved. Fans may get trapped in this feud as there are people from both categories. One set of the audience wants to see movies in theatres as it gives a more realistic feel of a movie. Other sets of people don’t wanna go to theatres and choose to watch movies calmly in their homes. 

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