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Reese Witherspoon: Two Netflix Comedies Are On The Lineup

Resse Witherspoon is all set to work in two comedy rom-com:

Reese Witherspoon is ready to take a break from the list of complex female characters in dark TV shows with a new Netflix deal. Witherspoon has been linked to the star in two upcoming romantic comedies, Your Place or Mine and The Cactus, both produced by Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine production company.

Reese Witherspoon Joins Cast of Two Netflix Rom-Coms
Source: Vulture


1. Your Place or Mine:

Your Place or Mine s is based on an original screenplay by Aline Brosh McKenna, who will also make her directorial debut with the film and follows “Two best friends from afar who change their lives if they choose to fulfill their dream of a lifetime, while others voluntarily follow a friend’s teenage son.

2. Cactus:

Cactus is based on the Sarah Haywood novel of the same name and focuses on “a 45-year-old woman who unexpectedly falls pregnant, leading her on an unconventional journey to love, family, and learns to embrace the unexpected”. The novel was one of Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club collections in 2018. Cactus has not yet been associated with a director or writer. And if Reese Witherspoon’s thought in a romantic comedy brings you back to a simpler moment, let her support you until the movies reach Netflix.

A state of ecstasy for Aline:

Both the stories of Sarah Haywood and Aline Brosh McKenna combine what we love about traditional Roma coms with strong, intelligent, and determined women leaders.
Aline is happy to work so closely with the actress “Walk the Line” on her directorial debut.

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