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At Home’ 5 Spanish Filmmakers Team Up With HBO For An Short Film Anthology

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped everything. The rotating earth seems to have stopped in the wake of this pandemic. There is not one sector which can be said to have worked perfectly in the last couple of months. Amid all the social distancing and home isolation, we have good news. HBO has given a thumbs up to the upcoming short film anthology. Spanish anthology series titled At Home will start the filming process, and the way it is going to is a different story altogether.

Situation In Spain

Spain is one of the worst affected countries in this pandemic, and the Spanish people have shown exemplary courage in fighting the COVID-19. Now there is another chapter to it, and the Spanish filmmakers are all set to make a documentary comprising of five short films. The directors are also in their home in isolation. So now the exciting part of this short film anthology is that the series of short films will be filmed in their homes.

So this is unique in every possible sense. This will cover the reality of living in-home quarantine. This will showcase the dark reality of living in isolation by alienating ourselves from any human interaction. It’s not an easy task for people to suddenly stop living the life they have been living since the time of their births. Isolation is not an easy task, and this will bring the real picture of how things were in Spain. It will not be limited to Spain, and the majority of us will be able to connect with it. It will be interesting to see a short film anthology on our lives for these months of isolation.

What Are The Directors Trying?

As the saying goes, Extraordinary times need Extraordinary approach, and the directors are trying to prove the same by initiating the process right away in isolation itself. So the moot question is how they are going to do this? Well, if you have the will, you will get your way. They are starting the filming process with minimum equipment, and they are going to be using a smartphone for filming.

This is the time when most of the series and films have halted their work. Although we are not drawing a parallel over here, this kind of approach makes the series of short films a must-watch. These are the times when most of us will give up, but this type of courage is truly worth applauding. Filming process has a lot to do with the equipment, and it doesn’t matter if you are filming inside or out. Most of the cast mustn’t have thought of this, and it will be altogether a different experience for each of them.

So these brave people are- Leticia Dolera, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paula Ortiz, Carlos Marques-Marcet, and Elena Martin. These brilliant directors have come together to make this a reality. The series will be available in Spain in the next couple of weeks.

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