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Avatar 2: New Images Of The Aquatic Set Are Surfacing Online

The recording of the Avatar sequence has been stopped for a while due to the ongoing paranoia of the corona. However, there is still a lot of content that needs to be posted on social media platforms for fans who are desperately waiting for the sequel to be released as soon as possible. The photos are of the production and recording of the submarine sequence.

Avatar 2: new photos from the set

The photos are posted on Avatar’s official Twitter account, and the promise of underwater scenes has been kept for a long time. Director James Cameroon appeared to teach cast members on the film’s water set.

To be honest, it’s a lot like watching Avatar for the first time. It’s been a decade since Avatar’s sequel, and it certainly looks like an eternity for fans of the film.

The commercialization of the film must be done at a very gradual pace. It must not move too fast, especially in these uncertain moments, when nothing could be predicted, and there is a high probability that the release date will be pushed further.

Release date:

The nice thing is that fans will be able to see similar faces later in the film. For now, the sequel will be released in December 2021, and all the effects of the film will be released a week before Christmas every year.

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