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Hulk Will Be The New Villain In Avengers Series, Here’s The Theory

There are a plethora of theories when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the latest entrant in the set of theories and speculation is Hulk. The avenger’s endgame laid the foundation of the villain character theory regarding the Hulk. There have been a ton of methods right after the Avengers endgame, but now this is getting a substantive overtone. So this sums up that the tiny speculations of spark are turning into flames of a concrete theory.

There has to be some link with the Avengers Endgame, or else it will be meaningless to portray hulk in a negative character. The avenger’s endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have talked about this, and they have a substantial reason to give legitimacy to the arguments advanced in the fan theories. The hulk had to take a separate path after the avenger’s endgame, and he reached to the alternate persona. His finger was snapped at the end, and his soul was transferred. There he is expected to meet his alternate persona, and things are expected to take an interesting twist.

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What’s the genesis of this fan theory portraying Hulk as a villain?

Usually, there could be a lot that can be related and logically linked to portray Hulk in a shady character. Though we have something substantial, it is related to the comic book run called  World War Hulk. This comic book run is going to bring meaning to this theory. If we read the comics, it can be ascertained from the storyline that it will be meaningful to see Hulk in a negative role. In this comic, Hulk starts to develop a sense of animosity towards those who were his friend at some point in time. So this is the exciting premise that can be used to give a twist to the existing storyline.

In the comic, it’s shown that he is up in arms against his friends, e.g., Captain America, Iron Man, etc. So this is the reason why they are going to go for this comic and see how things turn out. There were some apprehensions back then, but it is more likely that this could be the best possible storyline to stick with. The reasons in the comic book also substantiate our claims. Hulk knows how to strike a balance between Bruce Banner and Hulk, but the Avengers Endgame may change the dynamics.

It could be the possibility that he may end up losing his ability to make the balance between Bruce Banner and Hulk, which will eventually lead to a twist in his character. Another substantial reason for his transformation could be the death of Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow. This was devastating from him as it was a romantic relation, and this loss may make him vulnerable to his strength, and this can be the potential reason for his loss of ability to control himself.

It will be interesting to see Hulk in a negative role provided it is executed well.

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