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James Cameron Thinks ‘Resident Evil’ Is The Best Movie

James Cameron and his cinematic “guilty pleasure.”

It never rains to everyone’s liking when it comes to giving everyone their assessment of a particular movie (see the latest example of discord among Star Wars fans with their latest movie trilogy). And it is of little importance what others say if one likes a film that is not accepted by the majority, each with their tastes, read.


Of course, there are times when we admit to having certain “guilty pleasures” with certain movies that, while we recognize that they are not good (or not as good as they should be for our tastes), they have something special that we much enjoy and that make them among our favorite movies.

James Cameron Says Resident Evil Is A Beautifully Made Movie
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James Cameron is the fan of video game saga:

And that’s something that happens to James Cameron himself, a filmmaker known for directing movies like Terminator, Terminator 2: The Last Judgment or Aliens: The Return. In a recent interview with Empire, Cameron admitted having a “guilty pleasure” with Resident Evil, being quite a fan of the movie based on the popular video game saga.

One of my ‘guilty pleasures’ is Resident Evil, and I think it is very well done. Seeing actress Michelle Rodriguez in it, moving like a wild creature, I love it,” James Cameron told the medium.

Cameron liked the actress’s work a lot:

Cameron liked the actress so much that he decided to sign Michelle Rodriguez in Avatar, the first installment of a film saga whose second part is still developing along with three other installments, recently showing us a new photo of the sequels of Avatar with the cast. Principal.

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