Mad Max: Furiosa: Killing Eve Alum Jodie Comer Is In Talks To Feature In Spinoff

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Mad Max Furiosa Prequel Film

Killing Eve Alum player Jodie Comer is among those being eyed to star in the series Mad Max Furiosa prequel film. It has been specifically five years at the time of writing since Mad Max Fury Road started in theaters in 2015, the earning of critical raves and quickly connecting its status as one of the most daring, not to mention, visually-beautiful action movies of the new century.

Now, after being blocked by a trial suggesting Warner Bros and profits on Fury Road, Mad Max filmmaker George Miller is expecting to get the post-apocalyptic permission up and running once more.

Mad Max: Furiosa Wants to Replace Charlize Theron with Jodie Comer?
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Feature In Spinoff

Earlier this year, it was announced that Miller wants to begin shooting a Furiosa spinoff next year and has auditioned Anya Taylor-Joy for a key character. The filmmaker confirmed he is working on a Fury Road prequel and is looking to recast Furiosa sooner than digitally de-aging Theron as he is originally planned. Unsurprisingly, it appears Taylor-Joy is not the only encouraging up and comer he is got approached about the project.

According to the sources, Comer is among those being recognized to play Furiosa in the upcoming prequel. It stands to reason Taylor-Joy is up for the same role, but it is also possible she’s being considered for a different character. After all, the movie is all expected to explore more of Furiosa’s backstory including, her time in the Green Place and experiences with the Vuvalini fighter women, so there should be multiple female leads.

With some movie production still got shut-down in most of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear when the artist Miller will be able to begin shooting the next movie on his to-do list the romance fantasy Three Thousand Years of Longing starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. The original intention was for Miller to begin the production this spring/summer before shifting his attention back to the Mad Max franchise next year, but obviously, that is already changed.


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