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Nova And Adam Warlock Movie Reportedly In Works At Marvel Studios

If you remember the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series, you will realize how the character to Nova And Adam Warlock skyrocketed. After so many years, the speculations are ripe that they may end up in another annihilation movie. Yes, this is one of the possibilities which is being explored, and there is a lot we can expect from the movie. The odds are high, but the possibilities can never be ruled out.

The beginning Nova And Adam Warlock Movie

The genesis of this movies lies in the Marvel Cosmic comic book event of 2005-06. This was the turning point for Nova’s character. This made him the front runner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the turn of the event took place, and they were put in a dark box from the limelight. James Gunn movies made it sit in the back row, and the character almost lost touch with the audience.

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There were many changes that happened after the movies by James Gunn changed the things for Nova and Adam Warlock. The movies on the cosmic line up were discontinued, and it included one of the most liked movies of later part of the 2000s. The movies which were canceled included Nova and Guardians of The Galaxy, and this was a big set back for Nova and Adam Warlock. This changed the track for Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they never actually turned back to Nova and Adam Warlock.

What’s the substance behind the speculations of Nova and Adam Warlock’s movie?

There is a complex arrangement the way Nova and Adam Warlock are expected to make their return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, we can assure you that an annihilation movie may come, but there is a twist to it. The annihilation movie may come, but another movie starring Nova and Adam Warlock is speculated to come before it. So the annihilation movie won’t be the first one, and this will be the second movie.

As far as the movie is concerned, it is going to be set in the cosmic universe, and it is going to get grand publicity by MCU. So it is speculated that MCU has been seriously thinking of giving a shot to it. The movie is expected to cast Nova and Adam Warlock in the lead character along with other cosmic universe biggies like Moondragon and Captain marvel.

There has been a flurry of speculations in the past too. Everything boils down to the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one true and official source. This time the rumors are backed by more substance than ever, so it seems to be more substantial than ever. In the past, too, we have had experiences with this kind of rumors but the wait appears to be over for the fans of Nova and Adam Warlock. This time they are going to see these characters and that too in a lead role, which makes it even more interesting for the fans.

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