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Tom Hardy And Josh Trank Prepare Series On The CIA

Tom and Josh have confirmed their new project!

Capone, by Josh Trank and Tom Hardy, barely made it to the screens a few days ago, but now there is already a confirmation about the next project in which this same duo will be involved. This is a series on the formation of the CIA.

Tom Hardy and Josh Trank Team Again For A Limited Series About The ...
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What is the project all about?

The producer of Chronicle and the interpreter of Mad Max: Fury on the road developed a very good friend while working on the film focused on the last years of the gangster life that gives its name to the recent production. It was precisely this closeness that led Trank to think about his star to get involved in this next project. This was stated in an interview:

I’m working on this miniseries that Tom Hardy is going to produce. He is very involved, and we are both very excited. It is a story about the formation of the CIA that will span decades, from the endpoint of World War II. It will be done from the point of view that has never been seen before in a movie or on television and is only mentioned in books. He will talk a lot about Castro and Cuba, and capitalism against communism. It is really big. You know, capitalism versus communism. Pretty big “.

We will see Hardy in his first television project:

If realized, this would not be Hardy’s first television project, as he previously had appearances on Peaky Blinders and Taboo. Sure, because in addition to producing, he will star.

On the other hand, Tom Hardy also produced a series of A Christmas Carol, which premiered on the FX channel, so it could be that this production reaches this channel in the same way.

Also, the head of Fantastic Four mentioned the impact that this next serial will have:

“It’s really nice. It is interesting, dangerous, and fascinating. There is much I am learning from it. It lends itself to making many comments and parallels regarding how we ended up being where we are now, and all of that fascinates me. ”

We will have to wait to have more details about this series by Josh Trank and Tom Hardy about the CIA. There’s no release date yet.

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