Ryan Gosling: A New Space Adventure With Phil Lord And Chris Miller Is Coming

Ryan Gosling
Source: Hollywood Reporter

A lot of fans were waiting for the upcoming movie, which is going to be based on an upcoming novel by Andy Weir, whose book ‘The Martian’ was adapted into a film. This is going to be a brilliant opportunity for Phil Lord And Chris Miller to come up with something truly exceptional. The icing on the cake is that Ryan Gosling is all set to join the cast in the upcoming movie. The producer’s list includes Andy Weir, Gosling, Ken Kao, and Amy Pascals.

So the first thing which is going to pop up in your mind is the link between Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Amy Pascal, which runs back to years ago. Recently they won the Oscars too for the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” So this is something which is going to be the genesis of the upcoming film. This mere coincidence is going to be a crucial factor in the movie’s performance. This is going to be an excellent movie, and the kind of hard work they are doing is indeed exemplary in every sense.

Ryan Gosling
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Even Ryan Gosling seems to be happy about the upcoming movie. The extent of excitement was such that he was ready to do the film even before completing the script. So this does suffice to prove that they are going to be the best as far as the combo of producers and cast is concerned. There was some confusion at the early stage between MGM and Universal studios regarding Phil Lord And Chris Miller, but this has been sorted out. Now Universal has given a thumbs up to Phil Lord And Chris Miller to be the part of this project. Now they are all set to start the work on the upcoming movie.

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Now when the whole team is up for another film, there is a lot of talking about the movie. The movie will be based on the upcoming novel of Andy Weir, and this is going to be at the core though the movie has an exceptional team to back up their film. Phil Lord And Chris Miller are there as a filmmaker, and this itself sufficient to prove that the movie’s execution part will be at par with the best in class. On top of it, the casting team has also done a tremendous job by casting actors like Ryan Gosling and Amy Pascal.

The novel is going to be pivoted around an astronaut who is on space exploration to save the planet. The book is expected to be out by the spring of 2021. So this is going to be a while before we get the first look at the book. Once the book is out, we will have more clarity over the possible line of thought. This is something that is going to make the difference between then and now. Once the book is released, we will update you with the possible storyline of the movie.


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