American Idol Season 4 Renewed! A Judge Shake-Up Might Be On The Way

American Idol Season 4
Source: Starbiz

The much-awaited series is all set to be renewed for a fourth season on ABC. There has been a lot of talks regarding the judging panel for the fourth season. Now the American Idol Season 4 is all set to come. So we will explore the details of the series, and this is one of the reasons the show is the most talked one among all the reality shows. So is there going to be any substantial difference between the last time and this time? Well, there isn’t any, and the show will have everyone from the third season: Katy Perry, Luke Byran, and Lionel Richie and host Ryan Seacrest.

So if we look at the considerable changes, we don’t have any change. The judges are going to be the same, and so is the host. The announcement has been made in the backdrop of the third season’s finale, and it has been a feat for the fans to know the details of the fourth part. The 18th season of Idol is on the verge of its end, and this is one of the best things as the fans are already aware of the news that the fourth season on ABC will be renewed. The first fourteen seasons were on Fox. After FOX called it the day, ABC took over, and now it is all set to renew the series for a fourth season.

American Idol Season 4
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Although American Idol’s rating has seen a downward graph in the last season still there are plenty of fans. The show was renewed, and all the cast happily joined the show for the fourth season. The finale of the third season is all set for Sunday, and the fans are genuinely going to enjoy it, and there has been a lot of talk about it on the internet. The series will be graced by the finalist’s Perry, Bryan, Cynthia Erivo.

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So the finale episode is going to be entirely different this time, and it will be the most memorable finale ever. There is a lot that has happened to all of us in recent times. The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the world. It has changed a lot for all of us, and this time everything is different than what it used to be in the old times. The lockdown measures by governments across the globe have restricted citizens in their homes, and this is something that is going to alter the nature of the series.

Amid the strict social distancing measures, the producers of the show took a mature decision by not letting these shows compromise the social distancing. It is of paramount importance for all of us to remain safe. The significance of our lives is way more important than anything else. So this time, the participants will be performing from their homes, and judges will be judging from their homes. So it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the finale season.


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