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NASA Building An Unique Spacesuit For First Expedition To MARS

In the quest to explore Mars, getting towards it is just half of the battle. In order to keep the astronauts safe during their planet exploration, they need life-supporting systems, sophisticated habitats, and other communications. Additional to all these, they need a new type of spacesuit.

To know the challenges hiding behind in creating a suit that has the potential to withstand over the Martian surface and environment and to learn what the steps are the engineers take in addressing the challenges, we have spoken to the NASA engineers about what does it takes to create a spacesuit.

Spacesuit Parts

Designing the suit is not the easy task according to the Kristine Davis who is a spacesuit engineer working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The modern suit which will be suitable for the lunar surface contains many components including pressure garment system – the person wears including the helmet and a life-supporting system which is portable that serves as the backpack of the suit provides breathable air and other supports to perform spacewalks on the surface of the Moon.

Additionally, another team works on the parts like cameras, light and Auxillary systems for designing the suit. And as the astronauts vary in shapes and sizes, the suit should be comfortable enough to fits all sizes. As the suits are designed modular, it is possible to mix and match the components of it.

Thus they design small, medium, and large parts that are fixed together to the person. The suit is developed in such a way that it fits the smaller range of people – might be either male or female. The reason for focusing on the smaller sizes is to concentrate on the female astronauts working with the NASA projects.

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