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NASA Released Images Of Poppy Bloom In California From Space

Here is the interesting news for the people in the United States – this year the orange poppy has bloomed in such a massive scale at Antelope Valley in California. The blossom was so huge that it can be even visible from the space. You can have a look at the stunning images that are released by NASA of the wildflowers from the space.

After several months of drought, the rainfall during the end of March and April has helped the flowers to bloom at the state. The picture released by NASA shows the fields that are splashed in bright orange.

Source: indianexpress.com

On sharing these images on the website, the space station said that these images were captured by Operational Land Imager (OLI) on the Landsat 8. Further, they added that the images were captured when the flowers were at the peak blooming time and period.

NASA said that it was easier to spot the orange poppies in satellite imagery and the fields additionally contain cream cups, purplish blush lupines, forget – me – not, and other yellow goldfields.

There was an image which was attached adjacent to the one taken with the orange flowers that make our eyes as satisfied as the view was from the satellite. This large scale blooming of the wildflowers was taken from the satellite by national aeronautics and NASA.

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