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Asteroid Alert!!! NASA Warns Against Asteroid That Will Fly Past To Earth This Week

NASA warns us that the monster asteroid is three times larger than the Empire state building that is approaching our planet this week.

According to the recent evidence from the astronauts and scientists in the space station, the space rock is travelling at around seven miles a second and is expected to pass our planet safely without causing any harm on this Thursday evening.

The asteroid 1997 BQ is approaching close to the earth and NASA is in its move of keeping the eye on the object which is classified as the potentially hazardous object.

Further, it was estimated to pass within 3.8 million miles or roughly around 16 times the distance between our planet and the moon.

Though it might sound like a huge distance, it is considered to be significantly close in space terms. While NASA considered anything that crosses our planet with a distance of 120 million miles is classified as near-earth object.

It is worth to observe it round the clock in the case to avoid any serious issues on the Earth’s surface. According to our Space agency, the asteroid is expected to make its approach close to our earth roughly around 9.45 pm on May 21st and there are fewer chances that it might cause a threat to our planet.

Astronomers are currently in the pace of tracking down around 2000 asteroids, comets and other objects that might threaten Earth and more new ones are found every day.

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