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CELLET: The Best Tech Solution For Wireless Charging And Powerbanks

With the growing number of smartphones with premium features like wireless charging, the third-party aftermarkets are finding new and better options to make your life easier. The Cellet Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank is one of the best wireless chargers and power banks that helps you stay connected with your family, your work, and your entertainment. The company has received great recognition for these products, which in turn has encouraged them to enter a world of accessories to help us in our daily struggle.

The Cellet Qi Wireless Charging Pad and Power Bank, like other branded products, it also comes with a premium price of $ 29.99 and offers many features rarely found in rival options. As its name suggests, the main feature of this Power Bank is its wireless charging capabilities, which means that it can work with any smartphone or accessory that supports universal Qi wireless functionality.  Plus, it has the unique feature of having a 10000 mAh backup battery and a suction cup to ensure your phone doesn’t slip off the charging pad. It has a built-in blue LED power indicator that shows the device is charging properly.


Introducing the Portable Mini Suction Cup Wireless Battery Charger, The Portable Wireless Battery Charger is the perfect charging solution when an electrical outlet is out of reach.  Compact and portable, this rechargeable power bank is designed to charge via computer or wall adapter with a wireless charging pad, 2 universal USB ports, and a micro USB port.  Wireless charging allows you to charge not only your wireless charging enabled device, but also additional devices at the same time. With 2 amps on each port, you can charge two USB powered devices simultaneously.  Mini suction cups are attached to the back of the phone case for added convenience.


  • WIRELESS CHARGING WIRELESS POWER BANK – A convenient way to charge your phone without the hassle of removing the charging cable. iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy 8s, 8s Plus compatibility.
  • ONE PACKAGE: A micro USB cable and a Type C cable are included to charge the power bank. Use an existing cable and have a power supply for any device, for example, smartphones, Apple and Android tablets, and any USB device (CERTIFIED APPLE CABLES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • 3 phones can charge at the same time: Now these days, everyone finds a source to charge their device. Why not share your power bank with close friends and family?  It is easy to carry everywhere
  • Easy to Travel – Travel with the Cellet Wireless Charging Power Bank. Easy to use on the go and charge your device in minutes.


Why don’t we take selfies with rear-facing cameras?  The Cellet Selfie Stick [Universal] is a good case for doing so, by incorporating the rear-view mirror with its $ 12.99 Bluetooth-connected selfie stick, you can easily use your smartphone’s high-resolution rear camera.  It also has a secure dock to hold your phone, making it one of the best Bluetooth devices.

31.2 inches long from the base of the rubber base to its expandable aluminium tip.  The Cellet Selfie Stick is a universal selfie stick that requires a lot of work on all the latest makes and models.

Users can take true self-portrait images with a wireless self-portrait monopod.  With innovative Bluetooth technology, it allows users to easily connect to a smartphone and take great self-portrait images at the touch of a button.  Mono-pod features include 180-degree rotation capability, power and shutter buttons, expandable hands, rotary knobs to adjust devices to secure the 3-inch-wide stand and to secure stand position.


With a built-in aux cable, simply plug it into the headphone jack; It easily connects to your smartphone and takes a great selfie at the touch of a button.

The selfie stick features include 270-degree rotation capability, shutter button, 2.6 ft. Expandable arm, the bracket to accommodate devices up to 3 1/2 inches wide, and rotate the knobs to secure the position of the bracket.

* Note: Cellet Selfie Stick works with all iPhone series and most Android phones.  Some Android mobile phones may not support the shutter function. For Note 3, 2, Samsung S4, you need to change the camera settings to use the volume key to take photos. Another option is to use the photo timer or voice activation to take a photo (for the latest Samsung phones). If you have connection problems, download the free 360 ​​Photo app.


  • No need to charge, just connect the aux cable to your smartphone and start shooting
  • 6 ft. Expandable arm
  • Covers devices up to 3 1/2 inches
  • Rubberized grips and wrist lanyard for a secure grip
  • No need to ask strangers to take photos


Protecting the iPhone is not as easy as it sounds.  So if you break that screen on your iPhone XS Max, pay $ 329 + or $ 599 + (around Rs 24,000 to Rs 50,000) for one more new screen replacement and other additional taxes and fees.  Be prepared

And even if you are lucky enough not to damage the screen, it is likely that one day, accidentally or in some other way, you will leave it and ugly dents and scratches for the body, frame, rear glass, and screen are born.  This becomes a matter of great concern as the condition of your phone next year or whenever it is about to change your phone, it will speak of depreciation.

Element Rail Case for iPhone 11 Pro is a box from premium materials, often priced at a premium of $ 30.99. The company’s iPhone 11 case, which is part of the Element Case collection. And it protects our iPhone from damage and prevents damage, saving our money.


What type of case are you looking at, light or strong?  Minimum- or maximum-security structure?  When it comes to options, you should always choose one side.  With the new rail case, deciding has never been easier.  Because you don’t have to put one thing on top of another.  The only option you need to do is color.

Presenting Rail is such a simple question in design, but detailed in its efficiency.  Side rails and snap buttons made of sturdy polycarbonate, and combines long-lasting PC and TPU.  It is easy to assemble, difficult to resist, the railroad is a question for those who live the adage that less is more.

Our goal is to unite the sleek beauty of your phone with the sleek simplicity of the rail.  For real.  The bumper equipped with Snap-On side rails allows for quick, easy and tool-free mounting.

And that’s not all.  Simply lay the rail face down on a table and you will be rewarded.  The clear construction of the case allows your phone’s display to stand out and create a charming glow.


  • Just Snap and Go: Tight bumper with Snap-On side rails allows for quick, simple and tool-free assembly
  • Lightweight, Hong material: side rail made of highly durable PC; Bumper combines long-lasting PC and TPU
  • Top table protection: front and rear: the circumference rises upwards to prevent the phone screen from coming into direct contact with the surfaces; The raised back helps secure the rear glass and camera.
  • Quick touch button: Independent buttons allow the phone controls to work as they would without a case.
  • Drop core connection: Special effect absorbs four-corner design, destroys energy to resist shock and extreme drop, making IT impact resistance designed to protect your device from unforeseen.
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