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NASA Scientists Have Reportedly Discovered A Parallel Universe Similar To Ours

From a very long time, right from the discovery of the big band theory, there was evidence of two parallel universes. Although it sounds mystery, it might not be so as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists have found the possible evidence of a parallel universe next to ours.

From the recent reports, several scientists from NASA detected the cosmic rays found particles that might are probably from the outer universe. The group of scientists working for NASA’s ANITA used a giant balloon to haul it high above the Antarctic region where there is cold dry air that offers the right environmental conditions to apply it as it is very little or almost no radio noise that could distort its findings.

NASA’s ANITA is the device that detects the ultra-high energy cosmic ray neutrinos. Further, these high energy particles are a million times more powerful than anything else we have on our Earth.

From the news, the low-energy neutrinos tend to pass our planet without causing any harm and barely interact with anything on the surface. However, the high energy particles will be stopped by our planet and that the reason these particles are detected coming down from the space.

NASA’s ANITA team detected a heavier particle coming from up in 2016 and this means that these are again travelling back in time and thus could be the evidence of the parallel universe.

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