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NASA’s Satellite Passed Over Indian Ocean And Gathered Data Regarding Rings Of Heavy Water Vapour

When our space agency’s Aqua satellite passed over the Northern Indian Ocean this May 18th, it collected few water vapours that showed the intensity of this powerful tropical cyclone Amphan – which is equivalent of a category 5 hurricane on the Scale.

In general, the water vapour analysis will help the cyclone predictors to know and forecast how much potential this storm has to develop. This vapour has the potential to release the heat as it gets condensed into the liquid form.

Further, it is this liquid form that develops into the clouds and thunderstorms which makes the tropical cyclone towards the end. Another vital thing to remember is the temperature that helps to understand the strength of the storm. The higher cloud tops indicate the strength of the storm.

Recently NASA’s Aqua satellite has passed over the tropical cyclone Amphan and the MODIS instrument has collected the information of water vapour and its temperature. This MODIS image has shown the detailed information about the concentrations of water vapour and the temperatures of the coldest cloud top which is visible to the naked eye.

The data showed the coldest cloud top temperature is about minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit during those storms. In addition, the NASA’s NOAA Suomi NPP satellite shows the visible image of the tropical cyclone Amphan and it has extended the image of the storm that was over the open ocean stretching right from Sri Lanka to Indian states of Tamil Nadu till Andrapradesh.

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